By Claude Hagége

ISBN-10: 0199575002

ISBN-13: 9780199575008

This pioneering examine is predicated on an research of over 2 hundred languages, together with African, Amerindian, Australian, Austronesian, Indo-European and Eurasian (Altaic, Caucasian, Chukotko-Kamchatkan, Dravidian, Uralic), Papuan, and Sino-Tibetan. Adpositions are a nearly common a part of speech. English has prepositions; a few languages, reminiscent of jap, have postpositions; others have either; and but others types that aren't particularly both. As grammatical instruments they mark the connection among components of a sentence: normally one aspect governs a noun or noun-like note or word whereas the opposite services as a predicate. From the syntactic perspective, the supplement of an adposition will depend on a head: during this final sentence, for instance, a head is the supplement of on whereas on a head is dependent upon depends and on is the marker of this dependency. Adpositions lie on the center of the grammar of such a lot languages, their usefulness making them recurrent in daily speech and writing. Claude Hagege examines their morphological beneficial properties, syntactic capabilities, and semantic and cognitive houses. He does so for the subsets either one of adpositions that categorical the family of agent, sufferer, and beneficiary, and of these which mark house, time, accompaniment, or tool. Adpositions frequently govern case and are often progressively grammaticalized into case. the writer considers the complete set of functionality markers, together with case, that seem as adpositions and, in doing so, throws gentle on strategies of morphological and syntactic switch in several languages and language households. His booklet could be welcomed via typologists and by way of syntacticians and morphologists of all theoretical stripes.

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